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このページは古すぎてメモ用に復活しただけです。PHPはバージョンが古く動作しません。 Perlは実行できるようにしていないので、ソースコードがそのまま出てきます。
This page is revive for memo. PHP code is not work on oldest version. Perl code is not allowd privilege to work.
Submit submit.cgi submit.php Simple text object only
Submit all objects submit_all.cgi submit_all.php Cover array and other object
Upload upload.cgi upload.php Support image file only
Counter counter.cgi counter.php support image charactor and file lock system
Text base Log system log.cgi log.php Text base Log collection system
Text base Log page make system make_log.cgi make_log.php Make Log page width template file
Text base BBS system bbs.cgi bbs.php
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