There is Grossarys for theres inspections.このテストで利用している用語(語彙)集です。
I whold like to thote to indicate numerical expression into HTML.

There is not compleated, I'm not sure to correctly for field to mathematics.
But, I took thers word for inspections.
since '14/10/16 Saichi Kato / Graph.Kato

Grossary for theres inspactions テスト用語彙

general 一般

englishclipped (symbol)japanesebrief簡単に
cardinal numbercardinal基数1, 2, 3 ...
ordinal numberordinal序数1st, 2nd ...

fraction 分数

englishclipped (symbol)japanesebrief簡単に
fractionfraction分数1/2, 1/8...
numeratornumerator分子(基数)a of a/b.a/b の a
denominatordenominator分母(序数を使う)b of a/b.a/b の b
vinculumvinculum括線border line for a/b.a/b の/の線
mixed numbermixed帯分数with additional numbers fraction.a(b/c) の a がある分数
grid number ?grid帯数attendant number for fraction.a(b/c)の a
proper fractionsproper真分数numerator < denominator
improper fractionsimproper仮分数numerator >= denominator
unit fractionunit単位分数unit fraction for "n" into 1/n.1/n の場合 n の単位分数?
compound fractioncompound繁分数include fraction into numerator or denominator a/(b/c) のように分子、分母にさらに分数が入る分数

formula (expressions)

englishclipped (symbol)japanesebrief簡単に
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